Municipal Infrastructure III – Berat, Kucova and Librazhd

Country: Albania

Project period: 06/2016 - 12/2020

Client: Generale Directorate of Water Supply and Sewerage (GDWSS)

Investment amount: EUR 2,241,566 (Consulting)


The Programme “Municipal Infrastructure III” encompasses 2 project locations, i.e. the service areas of water utilities UK Berat-Kucova (~ 120,000 population) and of UK Librazhd (~24,000 population), both with low connection rates to the sewer system and deficient wastewater treatment and disposal systems.


The service contract comprises 2 components:

Component A: Consulting Services for the preparation of investment measures


  • Review Investment Projects together with the respective Municipality and the respective water utility company
  • Conduct or update feasibility studies for the preparation of the investments for Component B.
  • Review status of current drinking water resources protection


Component B Consulting Services for the implementation of investment measures


  • Preparation of the detailed design and tender documents
  • Tender evaluation and contract negotiations for works and supply
  • Construction supervision and final acceptance of the works


Water supply and sewerage networks shall be rehabilitated, upgraded and extended and in total 4 no. new WWTPs shall be constructed with Berat: 60,000 PE, Kucova: 30,000 PE, Librazhd: 8,000 PE, and Përrenjas: 8,000 PE.

Services provided:

  • Overall project management
  • Coordination of the team of national and international experts for feasibility study, design and preparation of tender documents
  • Conceptual design of water supply and sanitation infrastructure
  • WWTP process design
  • Detailed design and preparation of tender documents
  • Procurement assistance
  • Support in acquiring permits

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