Technical Assistance to Mykolayiv Vodokanal Project

Country: Ukraine

Project period: 11/2014 - 11/2017

Client: EIB European Investment Bank

Investment amount: EUR 1,192,360 (consulting)


Mykolayiv is the 9th largest city in Ukraine with a population of approximately 510.000. Previously the Water Utility had been supported to identify its priority investment needs in a “Short Term Investment Programme” (STIP).

The aim of this project is now to provide Technical Assistance to support the PIU in all aspects of STIP implementation, which covers approx. 30 mio euro investments in water and wastewater including rehabilitation of treatment plants, pumping stations and networks, establishing SCADA, sectorization of water supply systems and installation of DMAs. For these design, procurement and construction supervision will be performed using WB contracts.

In addition hydraulic modelling of water and wastewater will be performed, a GIS / MIS and interlinked billing system will be established, support will be provided for creation of a NRW unit within the utility and capacity building of the PIU will be carried out.

Services provided:
  • Designs refined and completed and Tender Documentation prepared using WB tender docs
  • Procurement
  • Support PIU in Construction Supervision and in Contract Administration.
  • Establishment of SCADA systems and water sectorization (DMAs)
  • Procurement, training and implementation of GIS and Management Information System, connected with the consumer and billing database, with functionality for real time benchmarking and reporting of performance indicators
  • Support in establishment of new NRW unit for maintaining the GIS and asset management.
  • Institutional development and capacity building to the water utility and municipality

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