Establishing Safe Wastewater Disposal in the Town of Cantemir – Moldova

Sedimentation tank

Country: Moldova

Project period: 06/2015 - 04/2016

Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Investment amount: EUR 398,360 (consulting)


The water and wastewater services in the town of Cantemir are provided by the Municipality owned utility “Apa Canal”.


Nowadays, after the implementation of a comprehensive water supply project, Cantemir has a 24h/7day water supply system and the Municipality has extended the service area to neighboring villages. However, the wastewater system is in dire state and needs significant upgrade to improve sanitation in Cantemir. The sanitation services have been on quite low levels for many years and the WWTP has not been operative since the early 1990s. As a result, none of the existing WWTP infrastructure is in a condition that their rehabilitation would be economically feasible.


The overall objective of the project was to implement a new wastewater disposal system for the rayon capital of Cantemir. The identified works comprised the rehabilitation and extension of the existing sewer system as well as the construction of a new WWTP (trickling filter; final stage 16,500 PE). A secondary goal was the identification of optimisation measures for the existing water supply system.


The scope of the assignment included the review and update of the previously developed feasibility study for the wastewater system and the preparation of the conceptual and detailed design of all works. In addition, all required permits for design and construction had to be obtained and the tender documents were prepared (4 components, based on WB PDSI SBD). Further, a socio-economic analysis of the town as well as an institutional analysis of Apa Canal were carried out. Finally, suitable funding instruments for the capital investments were identified and the corresponding applications supported (at national level to the Regional Development Fund and the Environmental Fund, at international level to the EU AAP 2016).  

Services provided:
  • Project management and reporting
  • Preparation of conceptual and detailed design
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Carry out socio-economic analysis and institutional analysis
  • Identification of funding instruments and support of preparation of relevant applications

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