Malawi NRWB Water Efficiency Project

Lunyangwa Dam spillway

Lusangazi steel panel tanks

Country: Malawi

Project period: 09/2017 - 08/2020

Client: European Investment Bank

Investment amount: EUR 664,300 (consulting)


The water supplies in Mzuzu and Ekwendeni predominantly rely on the Lynyangwa River. Due to rising urban water demand and climate variation the reliability of these services are at stress. Northern Region Water Board (NRWB), as the regional water utility, has identified the need to invest in additional production and transport/distribution capacity and the need to capacitate its organization and employees, to promote business wise sound operations leading to financial sustainable provision of water services to its people. EIB is financing those investments with some EUR 20M and launched this Technical Assistance contract to ensure the proper and sustainable implementation of the needed measures and build capacity within NRWB.


The project comprises survey and geotechnical investigations, detailed design, design review, preparation of tender documents, procurement support, feasibility study for sanitation as well as operational support to NWRB by developing a GIS and hydraulic model, introduce a SCADA and MIS and implement a NRW reduction programme.



Services provided: P&P held responsible for the following out of the 12 tasks of this TA:
  • Task 1       Design Review
  • Task 2       Design and Supervision of the Groundwater Drilling Programme
  • Task 8       Procurement Supervision
  • Task 9       Project Management and Monitoring
  • Task 10     Assessment of Potential Sanitation Investments   
  • Task 11     Lunyangwa Dam Raising
  • Task 12     Design of Two River Intakes

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