Consultancy Services for Conducting Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies of Mini Hydro Schemes

Country: Uganda

Project period: 04/2013 - 11/2015

Client: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD)

Investment amount: EUR 953,812 (Consulting)


The level of electrification in Uganda is very low, in spite of the fact that the country possesses abundant natural resources of hydropower potential. To develop Uganda’s energy sector the Government of Uganda with the support of the World Bank implements the second phase of the Energy for Rural Transformation Programme (ERT II) of which the main objective is a greater access to and use of renewable energy in rural areas.

Therefore the main objective of this assignment is to develop comprehensive Feasibility Studies for 3 selected SHPP projects out of 10 shortlisted sites. The Muyembe project has been identified by the MEMD to be taken directly to the feasibility study level. For each of the 9 remaining sites a Pre Feasibility Study has to be prepared. The ranking of the results of these Pre Feasibility Studies will lead to the selection of the most attractive 2 sites, for which then also a Feasibility Study will be elaborated.

Also tender documents for the 3 sites on the Feasibility Study level have to be prepared for the client.

Services provided:
  • Project management and team leader, site visits and desktop studies
  • Design and layout of new SHPP schemes, hydro structures and electro & mechanical hydropower equipment
  • Hydrology assessment and calculation of power production capacity
  • Contracting and supervision of the works of topographical survey, geological investigations, hydrological measurements and analysis, environmental & social investigations
  • Financial and economic analysis of the SHPP projects
  • Preparation of tender documents for SHPP CW structures and E&M equipment

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